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Owning an ecommerce store can be difficult, but it is a great way to sell your digital content without spending a lot of money. Sellers have more autonomy and control over their goods and sales with Publica, thanks to access to key reader data, direct connections with readers, and the ability to deliver enhanced, high-quality content in an environmentally friendly manner. Begin your ecommerce journey by selling with Publica today!


Have you ever heard the expression "your house, your rules"? This proves true when it comes to the sale of digital books with Publica. Online platforms like Publica allow you to build your own space, manage your product catalog without the use of intermediaries, and have an easily accessible business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Owning an ecommerce store can be difficult, but it is a great way to sell your digital content. Here, we provide you with 6 advantages of opening an ecommerce store and selling your own digital content. 


What are the advantages of selling with an ecommerce platform like Publica?


Obtaining important data about consumer habits.

When you use Publica to run your own ecommerce platform, you gain access to a variety of metrics that help you understand your target market. Without a third-party selling platform, you can create discounts for selected content based on accessible consumer metrics, all from the ease of your own home. Do you want to know what device or place your readers use to access your content? What the busiest days of the week, month, or year are for your store? What your readers' favorite subjects and multimedia content are? Opening a store with Publica gets you to access to all of this valuable consumer information and more. 

Combining your data-informed marketing strategies with Publica's vast catalog of publications is also a great way to avoid ecommerce churn, which is what occurs when customers stop visiting and purchasing from an online business. For fully digital businesses, it can often be difficult to interact with and form meaningful relationships with consumers from all around the world, but between Publica’s unique set of tools and your outstanding product, selling with an ecommerce platform has never been easier.


Selling your content without intermediaries.

The Internet has more than 350 million active users, maximizing the scope of every sales strategy far beyond the means of conventional publishing methods. During this new digital era and especially during the pandemic, which has significantly accelerated online business’ growth, selling products without intermediaries is the next step in ecommerce. 

Establishing your own terms, creating your own offers and subscription models, personalizing your virtual library, configuring payment methods and currencies, and all without sacrificing any percentage of profit is easy with a Publica bookstore. Best of all, unlike with print publication, you need not lose any profit to intermediaries. Furthermore, Publica bookstore owners can add other titles from Publica’s catalog to their stores, rounding out their own publications with other multimedia content that readers might find engaging as well. 


Optimizing the reading experience.

With Publica, there are many ways to improve the customer experience without having to invest heavily in an ecommerce platform. Bookstore owners can create categories for their digital publications—for example, fiction novels, poetry, K-12 educational content, or other topics. Creating categories such as these makes your store easier to navigate for customers. Publica also offers a streamlined user experience through its content reader, which can convert text to audio, create content summaries, translate text into any language, search for words, access Wikipedia material for further reading, and add and create citations, among other things. Publica also allows sellers to offer supplemental content in the form of infographics, videos, galleries, and other multimedia forms related to your text.

In an era where mobile shopping is skyrocketing, Publica’s capacity to transform content and bookstores into formats suitable for any device is especially valuable. 


Offering free content.

Sellers can offer one or two chapters of a book or other publication as a snippet to hook readers in and incentivize them to purchase the entire title. Using this feature can generate more traffic for your store and encourage customers to return to your site and spread the good word among their friends. Sellers can also offer free trial periods of 15 or 30 days through Publica, enhancing subscribers’ experiences and incentivizing them to purchase a subscription plan.


Becoming more environmentally conscious.

Increased environmental consciousness is a goal held by businesses across the world, but ecommerce platforms are already miles ahead! Traditional publishers and their printing services must conduct research into the recycling and print paper-reduction options available to them, but by publishing your content with a platform like Publica, you and your customers can rest assured that your business is 100% environmentally friendly.

Consumers are beginning to demand environmental consciousness from their favorite brands, and publishing with Publica allows you to meet the planet’s needs and promote your brand in one fell swoop.


Having complete control over your sales strategy.

Finally, a huge advantage of selling through Publica is controlling your own marketing and business plans. You can create well-informed offers and promotions on selected content to boost sales, such as discounts for returning customers, referral offers, and more. You can also create loyalty programs for readers who purchase subscription models, rewarding loyal customers with sneak peeks of upcoming content, special offers, and exclusive downloadable content. With your access to consumer metrics, you can also create more impactful social media marketing campaigns.

Having your own ecommerce store can be challenging, but it is an excellent way to sell your digital content without investing a lot of money. With Publica, sellers have autonomy and control over their products and sales, in the form of access to key reader data, direct connection to readers, and the opportunity to provide enriched, high-quality content. It's time to expand your business with Publica!

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