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The Publishing and Book-selling industry is rich and diverse in how they figure out ways to reach clients with their content. The goal for many publishers is to do so efficiently and effectively. For most of you, efficiency and effectiveness often mean two different things. Businesses are typically conditioned to giving one of them away.

For the Academic and Educational Publishing Industry, an effective marketing strategy often comprehends knowing where, who, and what to target their audience with. It involves stepping into two processes. First, establishing a relationship with their customers, educational centers, schools, universities, faculty members, researchers, and academics. Second, it involves knowing how to sell what you have.

However, efficiency means that you did so with the least amount of costs involved. This often creates a significant rupture between how competent a campaign was in relation to its costs, versus how efficient it could have been. On a surface level, efficiency and effectiveness seem to create a dichotomy that is hard to consolidate. In Publica, we believe there are other ways to avoid the sunk-costs generated from traditional advertising campaigns.

As the traditions of bookselling mandate, a typical scenario in the industry includes creating colossal campaigns out of tiny book samples. Typically publishing houses send out thousands of them out there, hoping to reach out to schools, academics, researchers, booksellers, and bookshops. The sample gets used only for a couple of minutes (it might even go through a couple of hands before), and then a decision will be made. The client either chooses to buy the books or not, but whatever their decision was, the sample will be thrown away.

This typical marketing campaign might sometimes bring some effective elements to the table. The client gets to interact with a physical copy you sent them and might feel pursued to take a look at it (because you took the trouble to send it first). What you sent them might be well-intended on your end, but what they get does not even resemble the final edition of the book nor holds any relevant content in it! Your customers might be courteous enough to take a look at it; still, your advertising campaign undoubtedly cost us much more than your profit (yes, us! Our trees and oxygen too!)

This is why in Publica we believe that there are other ways you can do things. Your samples don’t have to be sent to your clients by mail anymore. You can create your bookshop, upload all your sample content, and make it free for all your viewers to see. You can create your catalog promotion using a digital version and save money on printing and mailing some stuff that will get thrown away no matter what.

If you want to gift all your clients a preview of your content, it doesn’t have to come with this traditional, questionably-efficient high costs. If your goal is to sell, then the conventional format might make you lose profits and resources. If your goal is to gift and give, with Publica, you can do so with many samples as you could imagine. You won’t have to decide who “deserves” the sample, just give them and reach more audiences locally and globally.

With Publica, you would not only get an easier way to do your marketing. You would also have the tools to create your online bookstore and have access to metrics that traditional books or other online libraries don’t offer you. Because with Publica, your data is yours.

Finally, we want to let you know that you do not have to be a tech person to master this platform. If you have issues in your transition from the traditional to the virtual, our platform offers a Support team ready to help you every day of the week. It will be effortless: you will start seeing the effects of bringing out all your marketing campaigns, sample books, previews, and gifts with just some clicks, and you will love it.

With Publica, we believe that efficiency and effectiveness can go hand in hand, honestly.

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