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Usually, authors think that selling eBooks are equal to piracy. Learn how to sell content online and protect it from piracy with Publica.



As eBook piracy becomes increasingly widespread globally, are publishers equipped to know how to sell content online? Is there a way to protect online content and access to information as the digital age continues to evolve? 


Know how to combat eBook piracy and make the most of online content by giving your readers what they want!

In 2017, a report by Nielsen and Digimarc reported that pirates were selling eBooks worth $315 million years. As content becomes more digitalized along with the complexities of the barrage of new media, it grows more vulnerable to security and piracy concerns. 

With the declining incomes of authors and the high incidence of piracy attacks a mounting concern for authors, eBook piracy is becoming a parallel online market with unprecedented effects on both publishers, authors, and consumers today. As the global pandemic breathed new life into the already booming eBook market, the need to protect them also grew. Publishers and content creators need to know how to sell content online amid some of these security and privacy concerns. 


How to sell content online can improve piracy protection with Publica

Content theft is often disarming for both authors as well as readers. Knowing how to sell content online smartly and effectively is no easy task today. In today’s digital landscape, content becomes stronger and more easily available, yet more vulnerable at the same time. 

With Publica, the chances of misuse as users are able to view the content only via the Publica platform so that content is only available by logging in and accessing the platform. Users can annotate their content by taking notes, highlighting, making quotations, and many more. 


Know your reader by selling eBooks

Digital editions give readers a chance to interact and personally engage with content. Publishers are able to customize different user experiences. Publishers are able to give readers different kind of subscription to their catalog or collection. They can also offer readers additional benefits to cement more brand and customer loyalty by giving their content a unique identity.

Digital publishers on Publica can cultivate a relationship with their readers as well as offer them an online reading and learning experience. Focusing on building and cementing a strong and solid reader experience can mean the difference between readers subscribing to a publication and them reading pirated or torrented versions of similar content. Publica provides content creators, authors, and publishers an opportunity to take their reader experience to the next level. 


Effective Security And Protection 

The security technology on Publica’s Virtual Library is a key part of eBook protection on the Publica platform. Content is also easily backed by strong security encryption technology. It ensures better Digital Rights Management (DRM) which protects content from misuse, theft, and data leakage. With Publica, the chances of misuse as users are able to view the content only via the Publica platform so that content is only available by logging in and accessing the platform- almost like how one would stream movies on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

Users are able to read content directly from the Publica reader. While authors or publishers are assured that their publications will not be pirated and illegally downloaded and distributed, users can enjoy the interactive reader's services. For example, rather than carrying and buying books, students can download publications and are able to read their textbooks and class materials on their smartphones, tablets, or computers at their own time. 

Overall, while the eBook market still remains precarious and vulnerable due to the threat of piracy, there are still a host of opportunities by which one can still protect content. In order to truly and successfully embrace this seismic age in content, it is vital to stay alert and prepared at all times. 

Set up an online virtual library or create your content store with Publica and start protecting your content today!

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