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How can you sell more digital content effectively? Use these tried and tested marketing strategies to sell more content and increase your sales!


We know that the most important thing for you is having quality content but, what is it for if you can’t sell it? That’s why we want to share with you the five best marketing strategies that will help you increase your digital content sales.


Know which are the five marketing strategies that work as a key to increasing your sales:

-Word of mouth:

Word of mouth is one of the most influential and cheapest marketing strategies. Nielsen the leader in market research, get to know some vital information:

  • 9 from 10 shoppers trust in their social circle’s recommendations.
  • Almost 80% of consumers are prone to make a buying decision before a friend or familiar’s advice.
  • The possibility of use goes up to 400% before a friend or familiar’s recommendation.

Word of mouth’s benefits are visible, and sales of digital publications must take advantage of it. The best thing about all this is that digital content has no cost for publishers.

Estrategias de marketing

– An immediate benefit for your referrals:

Internet users always want to have benefits for what they do on their computers or mobile devices. Many users feel that it is super important to take advantage of the devices that they use all the time.

But the best of recommending digital publications is that you and the users that recommend your store are not going to have any kind of costs. So, giving them free publications, a free trial month, or even an annual discount could be the best option for both sides: For you, it’s not going to represent a loss, and those users are going to feel that you really keep them in mind. There’s no doubt that the best is to keep your clients happy.

Another exciting way of promoting a book could be through a review. When the recommendation comes from someone that uses the platform, it’s definitely better. After your readers do their own reviews, you can share them through your social media. Users usually love this and the fact that they can see themselves on a social network makes them feel excited about it. 

– Make sure that your clients know everything you are offering:

It’s super important that your clients know everything about you. If not, what are they going to offer to their acquaintance? That’s why you need to use social media as a means of spreading your tools and capabilities. Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are essentials in this process.

-Give your clients customized support:

Giving your clients customized support means that your goal is to make your clients feel that they are your friends. This means making them feel good about the product and letting them know that you are available to help them. If this happens, they will be happy to recommend your store and content to their friends and family. Nowadays, the attention you give to your customers or those interested in your publications is super important. Everything you can provide (or not) to them is something that they keep in mind when making their use decisions.

– Search for influencers that have a close relation to your market:

If you are looking for more clients, it’s essential to have access to influential people. Influencers are the best working with social media. Besides, their followers usually pay attention to what they promote.


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