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PWA technology is the future for digital and public reading. It is at the forefront. Learn what it is and how we use it in, click here

In we always bet on innovation to offer a better experience to readers. That is why we are happy to announce the incorporation of PWA technology to our platform, which means a breakthrough within the publishing industry in digital format.

PWA (or Progressive Web App) technology is a hybrid format, in which the resources offered by web browsers are combined with the features and benefits of mobile applications. According to Google, one of the companies committed to the development of technology, PWAs increase user engagement by enabling better and more comfortable experiences.


From the beginning, we are committed to changing the way digital publications are distributed, sold and consumed worldwide. And today we are taking a big step towards that goal that we believe the future is the web. We want to provide the best experience for both content creators and readers and today we take another step to achieve it. 

Reading offline today is quite difficult, insecure or expensive: it means using DRM technologies that are incredibly difficult to handle for end users, not very secure or, in the best cases, you need to create specific applications for each platform, for which is uncomfortable and difficult to keep synchronized across different devices.

The incorporation of PWA technology offers an alternative to the format known as DRM (from Digital Rights Management), or also GDD (Digital Rights Management), which is more insecure and uncomfortable for users.

The DRM represents a control of access to digital content that implies restrictions on the use, copying and manipulation of the contents, often preventing the user, for example, from sharing their files or accessing them from a device other than the one that downloaded the digital publication.

Specialists agree that the main advantages of using PWA technology for your virtual library are:

  • The user does not need to download an additional application or program (which is always an obstacle to conversion) since it is hosted on the web and can have a Direct access from the screen of your mobile device.
  • You can access virtual libraries in offline mode.
  • It is possible to customize the profile and have other functionalities of traditional applications, such as notifications, home screen icon, splash screen, access to information stored on the device, among others.

In addition, with a PWA, the content and rights of the author are protected, without the need to hinder the user experience, and publishes. We have taken advantage of these improvements to offer the most advanced technology for the publishing world.

With more than 1,000 virtual libraries created in 16 countries, has established itself as one of the digital solutions for the publishing world in Latin America. To follow this path, they make available to their current customers, as well as those that begin to join, this new technology that will continue to create new rewarding experiences for the sector.

Now you can offer offline reading directly from your virtual library and without the need for additional, complex or expensive DRM applications. The same world class experience on any device and system.

Do you want to try reading offline with our PWA?

  • Go to
  • Choose a publication and click on the download button.
  • After that, simply disconnect from the Internet.
  • Refresh the web browser … ready! Enjoy your publication offline.

Learn more about and how PWA technology can help the publishing industry grow.


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